Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Lifesavers

Summer is my favorite season but I must admit that the last few days have me rethinking my views.  It's been simply hot, 90 degrees at 6 pm is a little much. So how do you deal with this kind of heat when horses need to be fed, farm chores don't go away and work still beckons......

1) Early to Bed, Early to Rise
I get up dreadfully early this time of year......like 5ish during the week.  It's the only way to cope. Horses get ridden before 8 am.

2) Drink Lots of Water
Staying hydrated is half the battle. I'm a bubbly water type, but any kind of water will do.

3) Moisturize
A free sample of this stuff sold me.  There is a night version and a day version. Both are divine.

4) Make Lists
I have so much to do in summer (on the farm) that I make long lists and even if I don't get through them, it makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

5) Make Good Use of the Long Days
I was jogging last night at 7:45 pm.  Works for me.

6) Wear These
How did we survive without these?  Sun shirts are the perfect summer shirt, cool, keeps the sun out (I am not a fan of suntans).

7) Lilly!
Need I say more!

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