Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Asmar Equestrian Coats

I've been on the road quite a bit lately and spent the past weekend with some old horsey friends near Pittsburgh.  It was a great weekend (and the Triple Crown winner didn't hurt) and the weather was fantastic. These great ladies from A Bit Above Saddlery were nice enough to model these great looking coats from Asmar Equestrian.  I thought that everyone would love them as they are so cute that you could and should use this as a lightweight coat for city wear and for riding. See them here.

 The pink one (punch) was my favorite.  The hood is big enough to cover your riding helmet. 
 The yellow one is also very charming but I think it depends on what color looks best on you. The pink one was a better color for me.

 I just love these coats.  The model above is ideal for someone who just wants a cute lightweight rain coat or just a jacket for summer or spring wear.  That you can ride in them just adds to the allure.  Asmar makes other models too and you can find them most anywhere.  They are made in Canada.

You know about the coat fetish.  At least one of these will end up in my closet, I am certain.

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