Monday, March 14, 2016

Alfie Update

We started our show season this past weekend after a moderate hiatus (we showed last in early November).  Alfie gets much of the winter off as he's difficult if not ridden regularly and without an indoor it's tough to ride around here in winter.  He was ridden sporadically throughout the winter (unlike last year when we did not ride from November to March) and he came through a mild winter looking good. Last week I clipped him and put him in real regular work and he came out smelling like a rose.  When they start to age, you never know what you might get when you start a new season and from all accounts, Alfie should be good to go.

He's loving the warm weather this week, and the new heifers.

He had a good showing at the show this weekend (these photos are from November but the show was in the same location).  He came home with his first tri-color of the new season.

Looking forward to many more shows this season with my favorite gelding, Alfie.


  1. How old is he this year?
    My new horse that isn't really mine [half mine/half trainers] turned 19/turns 19 in April [it's that TB thing]... and after a light restarting in the Fall, and chiro work and turnout through the winter, he is bucking and looking FANTASTIC... and scary big! :D WE will be lunging in the round pen for a while....
    Ang from

    1. He is 15 but he has had a relatively easy life as a show horse. Several years we did not show him for various reasons and he was babied most of his show career so I am hoping he has another 3-4 more good years left on the show circuit.

  2. Oh my what a big handsome fella he is! I always think you can tell from a horse's face and expression when they have been well-loved..... :) It's that relaxed confidence they have, "yes I know I'm gorgeous, and my mom loves me." Enjoy the showing and thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats! You guys are looking good :)


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