Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Woodland Needlepoint Wreath

The needlepoint wreath arrived yesterday to much fanfare at my house.  We've been waiting to see the finished product for months and it was worth the wait.  This will adorn the cabin front door when we are in residence there (luckily it is also covered well).  This will be an heirloom for sure.  Love it.  Thank you Po's Point for ordering this and finishing it.  Great job!


  1. Ann, this is exquisite. I've never seen a wreath in needlepoint, but what a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing. Yes, this is a heirloom for certain.

  2. This is so nicely done, Ann, and looks so great on the door. Is it on 14-count canvas?

  3. What type of thread did you use?


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