Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lake Louise

We returned last weekend from a ten day trip to Lake Louise, in Alberta, Canada. This is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, still protected, thank goodness, from development and industry, in the Canadian Rockies.  It was unseasonably warm, the snow was melting and it was a bit scary seeing this place so warm in winter. It had snowed very little this year.  But even with warm temps and little snow, it is still breathtaking.

In front of Lake Louise, covered in snow and ice, with a real ice castle.

 The view of the Chateau Lake Louise from the far end of the lake.  The hotel is incredible.

 See the ski resort on the hill behind the hotel?  This is just a small piece of it, 4200 acres in all.

 Can you see the ice climbers?  They look like ants in this photo.


  1. As a Canadian, it's great to see you enjoying the natural beauty up here. You look so slim, classy, and fit! I'm sure the strong American dollar was a bonus to your trip, too! Thanks for visiting Canada. :)

  2. We love Lake Louise and Banff and have made many trips there. I would move to Banff in a second! Love it!


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