Monday, March 28, 2016

California Chrome is the Real Deal

For all of those "Chromie Doubters" out there, the 2014 winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes pulled out his biggest win yet over the weekend, the illustrious Dubai World Cup, all $10 million dollars of it.  And to make his case even more, the saddle slipped back way behind the horses girth as he ran down the stretch and he still won!  Jockey Victor Espinoza (who also rode American Pharoah) managed to stay on the horse at 40 mph and still win and Chromie should have been a bucking bronco at this stage.  His stud fee just went way up.  He's now the all-time leading North American horse in earnings won, over $14 million to date. He's won all three of his 2016 starts.  Impressive!


  1. That must have been terrifying for the jockey!!

  2. I don't know any horseman that doubted the horse, but damn near everyone doubted the owners and their management. You don't know the half of what Perry Martin has done and said to antagonize racetrack owners, etc. Based on the strength of one good horse he has set himself up as a breeding and stallion management expert. Everyone with a winning race horse is trying to manage their horse as an asset; he just had very little idea what was truly good for the colt and he managed to insult damn near everyone along the way. You notice the horse didn't come back to form until Taylormade stepped in and took over, giving the horse back to Art and Alan. You're right, he's a wonderful horse, and many of us have been behind him since his juvenile debut. But after that rant at the Belmont by Coburn, a lot of experienced horsemen turned their backs on the whole miserable management.....not against the horse.

    1. You are right and now that we all know he's going to Taylormade to breed, they have a huge vested interest. Wonder what his stud fee is going to be? Huge. For sure.

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  4. UH-Mazing! And Espinoza deserves some serous credit for balance for keeping everything right where it needs to be.
    I used to get yelled at for having my girth 'loose', and it would go up a hole.. but this.... Wow!


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