Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ann Taylor Loft for Spring

I don't usually shop at Loft but I went in a store near where I live this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised.  Their prices are good and they always have a sale and their clothes fit me other than the dresses being a tad short at times.  Here are some of things I saw that I loved.......

This shirt is on the web but I did not see it in the store. But isn't it cute?

 I saw this cute dress which is too short for my taste (on me anyway) but is really adorable.

 I didn't see this either but really like it too!

I tried this on (it's navy) and it cute.  Too short for me but very nice.

This dress is so versatile....

I tried this on in black and it almost came home with me. Very very nice dress.  Would be great for weddings.

I'll be checking into Loft more often that's for sure!

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