Saturday, December 17, 2016

Horse Movies for the Holidays

We're iced in here in Virginia today and what fun would it be to have a horsey movie marathon!  There are some good one out there and some coming in January.  A good movie makes a great gift too.  Here are some suggestions.

1) Dark Horse
I have not seen this movie which came out in DVD in August, but plan to view it in the new year. It's a true race horse movie set in Wales.

I did not get to see this in the theatres so I have preordered my copy so I can see it in January. It received rave reviews.  

This is probably my favorite horse movie and I love the part where a very young and handsome Kurt Russell drives up in his MG pulling the horse trailer which just happens to have a full pull-out bar.  Can I have one of those?
I sadly remember this horse race.  I haven't seen the movie but bring your box of tissues, you'll need it.

I have not seen this documentary from ESPN films but plan to.  Another rags-to-riches story.

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