Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New Years Eve Cocktails

Once upon a time people hosted cocktail parties. I recall making the annual visit to an incredible house in my hometown on Christmas Eve, in which waiters in white coats served food on sterling silver platters.  Oh how I long for that kind of sophistication again! It's missing in today's instant gratification world, where IKEA furniture is the norm and no one even cooks anymore.  Enough ranting!

I'd like to host a small, formal gathering for New Year's Eve one day when my schedule allows.  Maybe I'll skip the waiters in white coats (you can't find this where I live anyway) but I'd host a "dress up" formal cocktail party.  Maybe a mid-winter soiree?

What would you wear?  Here are a few ideas.

I love the sequin look that J Crew is able to pull off year after year.  This shell can be worn alone or with a crisp white cotton blouse underneath.  See it here.  
Add a pair of white wool pants, even hot pink would work. 

These black velvet pants will work well with the sweater above. See them here.


This black skirt is so adorable and can be worn many ways.  See it here. Pair it with a simple silk blouse and black high heels. 

This black sequin skirt is very festive.  See it here.

Here's the dress version of the skirt above.  This is cute.  See it here.

If you prefer a simple look, pair this shirt with the black velvet pants above.  See it here.

These shoes are cute and add a little something different.  See them here.

I also like these velvet shoes.  Just enough heel.  See them here.

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