Monday, December 12, 2016

J Crew Picks

J Crew has been rolling out some very cute clothes lately.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I love this fair isle turtleneck (turtlenecks are my favorite and I wear them all winter long).

I'd pair the turtleneck with these pants. I have them in a wild green color from a few years ago.  See them here.

I love this blazer and it's sold out in many sizes already.  See it here.

This Liberty of London shirt has gotten good reviews and I love the print.  Would be a great spring piece or for someone who lives in a warmer climate.  See it here.

I've kept myself from pulling the trigger on this shirt because I don't need it but I really like it.  I'd wear this with jeans, white jeans, white wool or black pants. See it here.

I love these pants for the holidays. So festive.  See them here.

I love this Collection coat which is already sold out in many sizes.  See it here.

I love these earrings, now reduced to $20 not including another 40% off sale items.  A great deal. See them here.

And I love this silk top which I bought to wear under a blazer. It is greatly reduced if they still have your size. See it here.  The quality is great.

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  1. I have checked out the of wish list. How great the wish list are!!Plus the price point is just amazing. I also like to use under a blazer,coat,pants,and shirt. Lovely collation and fashionable accessories for women . Thanks for such a important post...


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