Thursday, December 15, 2016

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Country Lifestyle

We're all running out of time!  Christmas is ten days from now. But if you hurry, you can still finish up your shopping online.  Why even venture out to stores when it's 20 degrees outside?  Here are a few ideas in case you need them for those on your list who love and live the country lifestyle. 

I love this Barbour sweater for him.  Free shipping too.  See it here.

Another very warm sweater from Barbour. See it here.

I love this quilted jacket for him, also from Barbour.  See it here.
This vest is great for layering.  Seeing it here.

This vest comes in many colors.  See it here.

This quilted jacket for her, also comes in many colors. See it here.
I love this coat, with the aviator look going on. See it here.

With these Artic temps rolling in, these coats and sweaters will come in handy. Bundle up!

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