Friday, April 14, 2017

Bonne Weekend

Another spring weekend with loads on the agenda, not to mention that it's Easter.  The sunny skies and warm weather bring all kinds of headaches to farm life.  Can you say mow?  We'll be mowing, and mowing and mowing and then there's mulching, adding badly needed mulch to every flower bed (and there are many).  There are some real downsides to farm living. 

So what else is on tap this weekend besides a visit from the Easter Bunny and manual labor?  Fun stuff........

1) The Arkansas Derby
Can the uber talented Classic Empire quit playing mind games and put his "A game" back on and garner enough points to get to the Kentucky Derby?  He was the top two-year old male runner but has not shown his brilliance in any way yet this year and this is his last shot.  After this race the Derby standings should be set and the handicappers will have their hands full to determine who's going to win it this year.

2) The Stanley Cup Playoffs
For those who prefer to stay indoors, the playoffs are the very best part of the NHL season.  After a disappointing 2016 when none of the Canadian teams made the play-offs, five of the seven Canadian teams made the playoffs this year.  You won't find anyone in Canada outdoors this weekend.  If you must be indoors, watch the NFL this weekend.

3) Love This Shirt
I have not seen many things this spring that I really want to purchase but I am in love with this Joie top that can easily span the seasons.

4) Shopbob Sale
Shopbob's great sale is on, 20 percent off or more, depending on how much you buy.  I love these mules from Madewell.  The more you shop, the more you save.  See them here.

5) Patio Dining
It's warm enough now to dine outdoors, so if the weather cooperates (no rain), we'll celebrate Easter on Saturday night with a fancy dinner outside.

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