Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March Madness Rolls Into April

The past few days have been a whirlwind, with more to come.  Not sure where to start......

1) McLain Ward Finally Wins the World Cup

I saw him ride Sapphire in Las Vegas in 2009 and he didn't drop a rail there either (the great Shutterfly was a second or two faster than the great Sapphire) but HH Azur is the real deal and she did not disappoint.  How about those mares?  The top three winners in show jumping, all mares!  For those of you who hate mares, there is nothing better than a good mare.  If you are horse shopping in Europe for the next Grand Prix mount, make sure you check out the girls.

2) The Heels

UNC wins again!  Did any of us from North Carolina ever doubt that Roy and his boys would bring home another title? Not for one second! Congratulations on winning another national title.

3) Keeneland Calls
We are off to the Kentucky Bluegrass in a few days to witness the Blue Grass Stakes, taste a little bourbon and see a few stallions.  Stay tuned.....

4) New Horses?
My friend Liz got a new horse, a lovely gray with a bright future. She has an incredible eye for a good horse.  Maybe there's a new one coming my way too? Stay tuned.

5) Dover Saddlery Rebrand
Have you seen the new Dover catalog?  The company was sold and things are shaking up.  It seems they have decided to go "high end" and cater to the Palm Beach crowd.  Not sure this is a wise decision, but maybe they know their customer base.  Will the company who once catered to the masses be able to up the ante, end their competitive pricing and sell to the few?  I have my doubts.

Happy Tuesday!

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