Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rockfish Wellies

April showers bring May flowers but also a lot of mud.  April is "mud season" which is a great time to pull out the rain boots.  I am loving these wellies from Rockfish.  They come in several colors, so you can buy multiple pairs to match your outfits or your mood, or both!  You can also be stylish in mud!  If you like bright, then you'll love these!

If you prefer a more mundane color, then you might like olive better!

Or racing green!

I like the fact that the calf can be made smaller on these boots. So many wellies have a huge calf size, so they just look weird or just don't fit.  But these boots more streamlined so if you have smaller or normal size legs, these will fit you very well.  I love the navy ones if you want a color that will go with everything.  And these are comfortable too.  You can wear these all day if necessary.  These are stylish enough to wear in the city too.

My new pair is navy blue.  The purple boots will be great in the fall! The boots come in a matte or gloss finish.  The color selection is wide and can satisfy most people's tastes.

You can buy these from retailers across the country.  See the list here. With the storms coming in today, I'll be wearing mine!  Happy Thursday.

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