Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Unknown Uncle Mo

Being a stallion at Coolmore is like winning the lottery for a retired stallion.   Only the best of the best make it to that destination.  Uncle Mo made it there and his stall is strategically placed right across the aisle from the infamous American Pharoah. But you may be asking, who is Uncle Mo?

His name may sound familiar? Maybe?  He was supposed to be the favorite in the Kentucky Derby a few years ago but a day or two before the race he was scratched - a gut wrenching decision for all involved but he came down with a serious illness, a liver infection, and almost died. As he clawed his way back to health, he raced again and won a Grade III race, but not with the same gusto he once had and was retired.  But who knew what would happen next.  

You may remember Nyquist?  He won the Derby last year.  He was recently retired to stud as well.  His sire?  Uncle Mo.  There were a few others that made it to last year's Derby that also were sired by Uncle Mo.  Uncle Mo was the top young sire last year.  He is the real deal for sure.

That lovely bay dappled horse, that's Uncle Mo.  If you start seeing "Mo babies" - horses with names like Little Mo, Your Mo, Mo-Town, those are likely Uncle Mo offspring.  And you know the sire is famous when that starts happening.  I think there will be lots of them!  His stud fee is also way up there now!  Not a bad investment for a horse that had a very short racing career through no fault of his own.  He is lovely to look at too.  There will be other Derby winners with the name Mo!  Let's wait and see.

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