Saturday, April 29, 2017

Shopping Around.....For a Horse

For the past six months or so, I have been shopping, for a new horse.  Some love the thrill of looking at dozens of horses, trying each one on for size, scope, scale, rideability, but for others, like me, the process is agony.  It's time consuming.  People often don't accurately describe what they really have.  And for me, I don't have a lot of free time so it's not the way I want to spend my weekends.

I didn't look at many.  By looking, I mean getting in the car and actually traveling to see and ride a horse.  I looked at one in very early January in Virginia.  He was very cute, very green and not a good jumper.  Very spoiled too by his owner and I would need to "undo" that.  So I passed.  That all-day trip was a bust.

This very cute bay mare, I just happened to see at a horse show in February. She was adorable, a bit older than I wanted but fit the bill of an "Adult Horse."  I tried her a few times.  Really liked her and she was fun to ride.  She was not as pretty as I wanted, which always bothered me a bit but I thought I'd take a chance with her.  The vet said no. 

So I decided to look in Europe.  The supply of quality horses there is unmatched.  The prices are very good and the scope of these horses is fabulous. Alfie came from Europe.  Another fancy horse I once owned, Dandy, also was imported.  So I looked at quite a few through videos and had a horse dealer I know and trust looking for me.  We found this lovely Dutch gelding who is five. I was thrilled about him.  The vet said no.

So by late March I was bummed and decided that I should just quit looking for a while so I just stopped.

And then I got a call about another horse in Europe, Hera.  I fell in love with her and thought, well maybe this is the one. But she was in Europe, I had not ridden her, and she was not inexpensive, at the top end of my budget. But much to love about her, and she can jump!

 But then my trainer called me.  Out the blue, she was judging a horse show and a small bay mare walked into the ring.  She said the horse was perfect for me.  She was not for sale.  The next weekend she saw the young horse again at another show.  The trainer and owner were contacted.  We tried the horse last weekend.  She was vetted on Tuesday, she was mine on Wednesday!  If my budget had allowed two, I would have bought Hera as well.

Three's a charm.  She was the third horse I vetted.  She is lovely and she'll have a lifetime home with me.  Ask Sega, who I bought at 3 and is now 23.  Alfie arrived at 4 and is 16. This one is 6.  We hope to have a long and happy partnership.  The shopping is over.


  1. And her name is.......?

  2. So glad you found a new horse! She is pretty! What did you name her?

  3. Her stable name is Madison. Her show name is Etiquette.

    1. Oh how lovely! I did not know horses have two names... makes them extra special!

  4. She's cute! What are her bloodlines? How tall? She reminds me of my 5yo mate. 😊

  5. She's gorgeous! Congratulations!!


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