Friday, June 23, 2017

Fringe Benefits

Fringe and pom-poms are all the rage this season.  Please tell me though, how in the world do you wash a shirt with pom-poms?  Very carefully I suspect.  But the fringe I do love, like this dress below from Kate Spade.

Milly is another brand that offers some awe inspiring dresses.  I love this striped dress with fringe.

(Milly Dress)

Or this Tory Burch tunic with fringe trim on the cuffs and around the front.

Or this Matthew Williamson dress (pom poms, no fringe) but isn't it cute?

How about a fringed tote?

Another cute dress!

There's a tiny bit of fringe on the cuffs of this cute tunic....

Happy Friday!

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