Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ten Things That Should Never Have Gone Out of Style

 In our instant gratification world, some things have become lost or even have completely disappeared.  So what should we bring back?  Here's my list.......

1) Handwritten Letters
The lost art of snail mail is just that.  When we get old and want to remember our youth, what we will have?  Old emails?  Texts? Twitter feeds?

2) Formal Dinners
We've lost having long, fancy dinners at home, either alone as a couple or with guests.  We need to bring this back.

3) Photo Albums
I remember looking at my parents old albums which had photos of their grandparents, photos from the War.  This has been lost.

4) Addressing People With Respect
When I was in school, when an adult came into the room, we stood up, as a sign of respect. That would NEVER happen today and it's so sad that we cannot show respect for other people any more through simple manners.  Oh well!

5) Table Manners
Next time you are in a restaurant watch the people at surrounding tables.  I bet you that four out of five will have their head in their phones the entire time.  Why even bother to dine with another person if you can't have a conversation, and take away the phones!  No texting at my dinner table.  But we have also lost the art of having decent table manners - not putting your elbows on the table, not talking while chewing your food.  It's very sad.

6) Knowing Your Neighbors
When was the last time you spent time with your neighbors?  Do you even know who your neighbors are?

7) Summer Jobs
When I was growing up I always had a job. I mucked stalls and for many years I worked in a department store.  I have never not worked. You don't see people with summer jobs anymore - mowing lawns, taking care of the elderly or young ones, paper routes.  Summer work taught me a work ethic. I worked most of the time I was in high school and all through college, about 20 hours a week. I had my "own money" at an early age and I been self-sufficient ever since.

8) Cursive Handwriting
Silly to me that they don't teach people how to do this anymore.  Will the young kids just not know how to write a letter in longhand?  Guess not.

9) Reading Books
There's something to be said about getting lost in a good book.

10) The Cocktail Party
We've dealt with this topic already.  Sad that this is really gone from our world. 


  1. I love this and could not agree more!!

  2. I agree with your list and I am glad that you wrote on this topic.

  3. Interesting that they do not teach cursive where you are, here in NY they learn it.


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