Monday, June 5, 2017

Ode to Upperville

It's the first Monday in June and and it can't come too soon
The horses are in Upperville starting today, and of course there's a monsoon.
The green grass rings that once were, are now thankfully, all sand
If you are a groom, a braider, or just a horse lover, come lend a hand.
The most beautiful horse show in America, can been seen just off Route 50
Not to mention some of the best shopping outside Tyson's Corner.

It's lovely venue to watch and to be "seen"
But today wear your jeans and Wellies, if you're kean.

Some of the best horse show memories are jogging for ribbons here
My lone Upperville blue ribbon, it's very dear.

If you happen to be in Virginia this week
Make an effort to drive north, just outside Middleburg and take a peak.

I promise it won't be time wasted, you'll be glad you made the trek.
To horse show "nirvana" - you'll see the finest horse shows in America, waiting on deck
To canter around the most beautiful rings full with trees
And greenery and tons of flowers, now where are those bees?

The first week in June, right after Devon
Comes Upperville, Horse Show Heaven.

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