Friday, June 16, 2017

It's Finally Friday

It's been a busy week - storms every day, and evening, much more barn work and planning for my dinner party and then my real job.  So what else is on my mind this weekend.......

1) Love the Nautical Look
I saw this article about Kate Middleton wearing navy J Crew Sailor Pants and I love this timeless look.  Her photo could just as easily be taken in 1967 as 2017.  Love her look and how she blends high end fashion with affordable clothes.  See the article here.  The pants she is wearing are similar to these which you can still purchase at J Crew.

2) Coffee Table Books
You can never have too many books and I am loving these coffee table books right now.  When you don't have the energy to read, this is the next best alternative. 

3) Horses
It's an "off" weekend for the horse shows, but I'll ride for sure.  Alfie needs to be clipped (always a fun job) again and he'll thank me for it with the weather getting into the upper 80's.  He brought home a second tri-color last weekend (two weekends in a row) so we're on a roll.  

4) Garth Newel
We made plans to visit Garth Newel later this summer. If you live in Virginia, then you must make a trip.  The venue is in Bath County just down the road from the Homestead Resort.  On the weekends, some months, you can attend a concert in an old barn - strings, piano, classical music.  You can stay for a seated dinner in the barn afterwards if you like.  This venue is unlike any I have seen anywhere and oozes sophistication in a shabby chic kind of way.  

5) Richard Ginori China
I am in love with this china pattern.

What's in store in your world?

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