Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Soiree

I'm planning a small outdoor dinner party in about ten days and because I have not done this in a while, I want to evening to be extra-special and am adding some special touches that I have not tried before. I am thinking of adding a small outdoor bar area so guests can serve themselves - wine, beer, water, and it will give me a "post" from which to work.  This is a cute idea. 

 I don't have the ambiance that this patio area offers and this is so "French" but I love it.

I love Hydrangas and this makes we want to add rows of pink ones on my side porch.  This is so "welcoming" and I can plant them in the yard when I am done.

I'm also going to try this......

This would work well:

I love these looks:

I have not decided on china, linens or flowers yet, but will take photos!  Hope you are planning to entertain too.  Don't let it be a lost art!

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