Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Make Mine Belgian

There is nothing more comfortable and classic than the Belgian Loafer.  Some may call them "staid" or "old fashioned" or even "matronly."  Call them anything you wish but I would not trade mine for a Jimmy Choo, a Manolo or even Gucci.  They are the most comfortable shoes I own.

You can only buy them retail at the Belgian store in New York.  No other place sells real Belgians retail.  You can order them by mail or you can make the trek to mecca on your own, on the Upper East Side.

Belgians are expensive but they may outlive you depending on your current age. They come with soft leather soles which will wear out but you can add more durable soles to them but only after you break them in.  They have great resell value and I will admit to buying two pairs (both brand new) at bargain basement prices on Poshmark. Try it!  You can find them there from time-to-time.

Here is a pair of size 9 on sale right now.  See them here.

Here is another pair, size 5 1/2. See them here.

We all have a wish-list of Belgians, colors and prints we want to add to our own collection.  An animal print pair like these are in my future:

I wear my winter Belgians more than my summer ones which surprises me.  My black/red ones, royal/black ones get worn the most.  I have brown ones, gray ones and my pink and white ones get worn the least. Who knew?

Belgians go far beyond just shoes now.  The Belgian Loafer has been found now on needlepoint, on note cards, pads.  


 (Belgian Print)

I think it's safe to say that Belgians have a cult-like following.  But once you live in a pair of Belgians you'll understand.  Make Mine Belgian!

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