Sunday, February 23, 2020

Preference for Pucci

Pucci has certainly proved to be timeless as his vintage dresses still sell for hundreds of dollars or more online and in consignment shops.  I own only a pair of Pucci rain boots but would love one of these vintage dresses.

But did you know that Pucci also made needlepoint?  This article from 1976 talks about three kits that were sold at Saks and other upscale stores for $25.  Would love to have one of those! 

Kate Dickerson makes Pucci-like needlepoint canvases and one of her belts on my "to do" list but not yet part of my massive stash.

She also makes a fabulous backgammon board.

You could take one of these patterns and easily turn it into a pillow.  Maybe one day in my spare time....

Look at this ad on Ebay for Pucci needlepoint pillows.....

Love this skirt.  Am tempted to buy it and have it altered to fit.

Hope you have a Pucci Sunday!

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