Saturday, February 1, 2020

Needlepoint Stash Organization Update

2020 has been a good year for organization so far.  I have tackled the improbable job of organizing all of my many threads so now I really know what I have and won't have to buy so much going forward.  With all the options available, my threads are now arranged by color and not by type.  These little rings which I bought at Walmart for $1.50, work wonders and Ziploc Bags are perfect for storing the threads.  Buy them in the store, not on-line. Michael's also sells them but they are cheaper at Walmart.  My handy hole-puncher was used to put nice round holes in my bags to put on the rings all organized by color.

These plastic boxes were purchased at Michael's for $20 on sale (and another set is needed) and they'll keep the rings of threads nicely.  Going forward I'll include the tag from the threads with the color, number and dye lot.

In addition, my large and growing stash of canvases now occupy my large Scout Bag but at least I know what I have now.

I splurged and bought a D. Porthault case that I will use for my current project to hold my threads.  I liked this model because it is vinyl and will be easy to clean. 


I also organized my very large stash of "to do" projects.  That will live in the large Scout Bag for now.  The stash has grown in 2020.  It should be a busy year for stitching.  Let's hope the horses don't mind!

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