Saturday, October 16, 2021

Heavy on Rotation

The pandemic has made us all "creatures of habit" but that was built into my DNA long ago.  Wash.rinse.repeat.  Yep. That's me.  But what's wrong with going to the same brands, the same foods, the same vendors over and over again?  Nothing at all. If it ain't broke then don't fix it - as my mother used to say. So what's heavy on rotation?

Birkenstocks - I just replaced a pair of these if you can believe that they actually do wear out.  I traded in my dark brown ones for navy blue.  They are almost so ugly that they are "in" and so comfy with the fur lining.

Arc teryx Vest - I wear this one piece of clothing more than anything I own and I did manage to wear one out, the only piece of Arc teryx I have been able to wear out. This is just the very best brand for cold weather wear. Yes, it is a bit pricey but so worth it.  They make two versions - I prefer the one that is little bit heavier but they are both so lightweight you'll never know you have it on but you won't be cold.  Perfect to layer too because it's so lightweight.

Kerrits Warm Leggings -I've managed to wear out a pair or two of these tights that I wear all winter long. I am not certain that these are the exact version I own but this is the current offering.  I don't like to ride in tights but these are not tight on my legs and are ever so slightly lined in fleece.  Comfortable!  You really don't even need to ride horses to own these.  Mine are black - the lighter colors get too dirty around the barn.  I also sized up a size in these.

Topo Recovery Shoes - I've brought these up before but I have managed to almost wear out my first pair of these.  I have the black ones and I'll order gray ones soon.  I wear these almost every day. You don't need to wear socks with them.  Just pure comfort.  They are made to wear after you run, for "recovery" but why wear only to recover?  Want a nice supremely comfortable shoe to wear all day long? This is it.

All Clad Cookware - Years ago my neighbor took to an All Clad Warehouse Sale in Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh where it is made) and that's when I started my All Clad collection of pots and never looked back.  This stuff is expensive but if you love to cook then treat yourself.  And I see this stuff at TJ Maxx routinely. 

Klorane Shampoo - Years ago I used the Klorane Chamomile Shampoo and about two years ago I started using the brand again.  I tried several different types but settled on the Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint.  I don't like the conditioner but simply love the shampoo.  The French do get it right.

Kneipp Bath Salts - This is a true luxury (and one that I will be forced to give up when I have foot surgery) but there is nothing more soothing than a nice hot bath with these bath salts after a long day.  They make different versions but this is my favorite (and I have tried them all).

Home Chef - We discovered this service during the Pandemic and have not stopped using it.  We never go out to dinner anymore.  We always dine at home, on the patio this time of year. I order two meals a week and can get three or sometimes four meals (we are not big eaters) but it is so easy and so reasonable. For $50 a week I feel like am dining out and the food is very good and the delivery very reliable. 


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