Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday Musings

My friend Molly and I ventured out yesterday afternoon, starting to trek to Charlottesville and then decided not to go that far.  We stopped by Ann Taylor Loft as there is one relatively close by and looked a little bit.  The pickings were very slim in terms of sizes but there were some cute items worth noting here.  Today everything is also 60 percent off.  This coat was quite nice and the color is much more vibrant in person. It comes in several colors but I liked the green the best by far. My coat fetish continues.


This sweater was not in the store but looks cute and I love a front zip. 

I'd pair it with these leggings.  I like this look but I don't think the colors are great other than the black ones.

 I did not see this outfit in the store but would be great for my surgery. Pull-ons and wide legs....

My picker found new glass for my collection and it arrived over the weekend. I added two stems in a new pattern - Tiffin is the manufacturer and the pattern is Flanders.  Two pink goblets and this photo does not do it justice.

Tiffin Flanders is very similar to another pattern by Cambridge called Gloria.  This pattern was only made between 1927 and 1935 and it is found in yellow, pink and clear. Some very rare green pieces surface from time to time.  You'll pay more for the pink than the yellow and clear.  The green pieces will be quite expensive if you can find them.  I love collecting the glass as I learn about the history behind it every time.

I love these adorable dinner plates from Anthro.  The rabbit and the eiffel tower are my favorites.

And I cannot wait for my a trek to the Caspari store and stock up for the holidays.  A preview from their website:

Love these wipe and go placemats:

 Have a great Monday!


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