Thursday, September 15, 2011

1st Dibs Does Equestrian

In my next life I am going to be an equestrian decorator.  And the best place to accessorize is the web site 1st Dibs.  There are endless possibilities there and it is ever changing.  Take a look.

This Hermes saddle bin will make the best side table.  Also comes in dark green.  Maybe one for each end of the sofa?


This 1850 Staffordshire cup is a trophy from a steeplechase race.  The stories this one could tell.....

An original "Jocko" lawn jockey, one of a pair no less. See my post on The Lawn Jockey for information about these.  And hard to find.....yes, indeed.

For you martini or art deco lovers out there, this black deco cocktail shaker is lovely.  Picture "The Great Gatsby."  This will never go out of style.

This sign from the 1920's would look superb in a bar or a tack room.  Would be a great gift for your fox hunting friends.

This is a horse thermometer. Not sure how it works but it looks good.

From a vendor in Dallas comes this chair and ottoman covered in a horse feedsack.  So clever.  Makes it look vintage.  Really cute.

Nothing more timeless than an old weather vane.  This could go in any room in the house.

An arts and crafts piece, that could also go art deco. 

And for an early Christmas present, this Hermes bracelet is timeless and expensive.  But fabulous.....

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  1. It is completlely timeless and always such an elegant design motif.


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