Monday, September 26, 2011

Warrenton, Virginia-Based Barry Dixon

Designer Barry Dixon is featured in this month's "Traditional Home."  He lives in a fantastic 1920's house, which I would love to see inside.  It's interesting that such a high powered decorator would decide to live in the middle of the Virginia Hunt Country.  Warrenton is near Middleburg, about an hour or so outside of the Washington, DC metro area.

The article is short and only shows a glimpse of his masterpiece.

(Barry Dixon photo)

He does make reference for several of his fabrics, which, he claims are influenced by his surroundings in the Virginia Hunt Country. Gotta love the Warrenton Toile in pumpkin.  Have a soft spot for toiles and wish I had somewhere to put this and it comes in three colors.  This is pumpkin.

He also claims that his inspiration for this fabic came from an old wagonwheel on his property.  This comes in two colors:

And this one was inspired by his natural surroundings on his farm:

Gotta love it.   And the Inn at Little Washington is just a stone's throw from where he lives in Warrenton.  Bet you find him there when he is in town.  Will save that one for another blog post.  Happy Monday!

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