Monday, September 12, 2011

The Equestrian "Look"

Maybe you are not an equestrian but perhaps you want to look like one.  What I am referring to is not how to wear boots and britches but instead, how to look like you are in the horsey set, at any level.

First suggestion, boots and jeans. Not cowboy boots but a good pair of paddock boots or something that looks like them.  You have lots of choices, either black or brown, zip or lace up (I happen to like zip).  You can buy a pair for as little as $65 on  These are a bit more expensive.

For rainwear, you might try these Aigle boots from J. Crew. 

Dubarry Boots also work well.  These boots are great for cold weather.  They are comfortable, warm and waterproof.

Everyone has their own taste in jeans, but I like mine straight and since I ride in jeans a lot, it makes like easier to wear chaps.  But to each his own in the jean world. Here are a few suggestions though.  I like these Lucky Jeans.

You need a belt and you have lots of options here depending on your wallet. If money is no object then go Hermes.

If your pockets aren't that deep (mine aren't that deep) then go needlepoint:

Or try just a nice leather belt like this one from Edgewood (they make bridles):

Wear a "horsey" shirt.  This one from Ralph Lauren will work:

Or chose a polo:

Even better, a t-shirt with an equestrian theme, like one from a horse show (HITS, WEF, Hampton Classic, Washington, Harrisburg, etc.).  This one is from this past year's World Equestrian Games in Kentucky:

Now you need a jacket.  It is going to get really cold here in the east later this week, so the jackets will be coming out.

Go quilted.  Always in style, have lots of choices.  Or Barbour.  This one is by Burberry.

This is Barbour:

If weather allows, then you may want to consider a hat.  A baseball hat with a horse show logo or a racing logo (from a stable or a race) works well if you need to tame down bad hair.  A straw hat works well in the summer and in winter, go to Barbour. 

Happy dressing.  

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