Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Your Grandmother's Needlepoint

I have been craving to needlepoint this week (regardless of the fact that I have projects galore that are waiting to be started or finished) and we've started our weekly mowing again here at the farm thanks to over 10 inches of rain these past few weeks.  But that's no excuse!  There are so many cute things out right now that I am dying to stitch.  It's amazing how "modern" needlepoint has become.  No, it's not your grandmother's needlepoint where you used to just fill in the background with your color of choice. 

This Clara Wells (or maybe more than one) "tote" is so adorable, I think I want one for every season.

She also makes "bucket bags" which are are a big bigger and probably more functional.  Here is one unfinished and then finished (from Chapel Hill Needlepoint's Blog):

Amazing how well this turned out!

Here is another cute bag that my friend Nancy completed (also from her Blog):

Clara Wells also makes "cuffs":

(From "Adornment Needlepoint" in Winston-Salem, NC)

You can never have too many pillows and adding a few needlepoint ones adds "vintage" to your decorating.  These will never go out of style and the best thing is, dry clean them and pass them down!

(From Adornment Needlepoint)

(also from Adornment Needlepoint).

And I am dying to do this one (unfinished in photo) but I'll change the colors a bit. This is from Clara Wells (the same company that makes the cute handbags).

And don't get me started on all of the cute Christmas ornaments you can make for your tree. The bad news is that you have to start these projects in January as the "finishing" deadline is usually September.  This one is from Studio Midwest. 

A few more bags (from Chapel Hill Needlepoint):

And lastly a really cute door sign. 

And needlepointing is VERY EASY.  Anyone can do it (even a Caveman).  So don't be intimidated.  You need a good store, where they can show some of the simple tricks of the trade. Hopefully I have inspired you. We all get caught up in our busy world these days.  It is nice to have something to slow us all down.  Few hobbies are timeless!

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