Friday, September 30, 2011

More Needlepoint - Equestrian Style

I have needlepoint on the brain this week but that too will pass.  Let's look at some horsey stuff but this time, no belts.  Let me again say that needlpointing is very easy.  It's a great hobby for those Type-A's out there (like me) who have to work to relax.  Just imagine sitting by a cozy fire on a cold winter's day, stitching away with a few friends.

Let's start with some Christmas ornaments.  These are photos of unstitched canvases.  These are adorable when finished. These are from Painted Pony Designs:

These designs are from

This is a picture frame:

This is from Cooper Oaks and would look good either a sofa pillow or framed in a den, mud room, even a tack room, or perhaps on a stool.

This is a bit more whimsical, not my style but very cute.


If I have not convinced you to stitch, then perhaps you can buy your very own equestrian needlepoint pillow.

Enjoy this last day in September.

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