Friday, September 9, 2011

Equestrian Influence in Fashion

It's Fashion Week in NYC, for spring.  But for most of us, we are just starting to think about a few new pieces to add to our fall 2011 closet.  The good news for those who aren't yet thinking spring is that equestrian is in. has tons of "riding boots" for those who want to save Vogel's ad Dehner's for the ring.  These are Aigner I believe.

If you prefer brown, try these for a more "polo look."  Frye made these.

I am loving these slippers from Ralph Lauren.  They come in several colors:

Zara is also getting in on the action and has some great looking (and great priced) boots as well.  I like these "Newmarket boots."

These are also great looking:

This bag can go anywhere, even to the barn:

Net-a-porter is also getting in on the action.  Take a peek a few "equine inspired" objects of desire from some more upscale designers.

This Gucci belt is simply timeless. 

Better be riding a lot to keep your figure so you'll look great in these Burburry pants or jodphers as we call them:

This Yves Saint-Laurent blouse reminds me of a "ratcatcher".  Timeless.

And even Tory Burch is getting in on the action.  Pair this with the Burburry pants and the Aigner boots and you're ready to ride, or go out for a night on the town.

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  1. I have always included equestrian chic into my love love it! I love the boots, the high collared blouses, a great tweed jacket, a horsebit belt..whats not to love, its so classic!


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