Monday, December 3, 2012

A Needlepoint Christmas

Most of us were pulling out the ornaments this weekend to put on the tree.  We did not get quite that far, but we did get the tree.  Since I started stitching again (about 8 years ago) I try to make at least one ornament a year for the tree.  A friend of mine has enough needlepoint ornaments to fill an entire tree!  These are not just ornaments but keepsakes.  They will last forever and when you make one you can hand it down to your kids or grandchildren.  You can needlepoint Chistmas!

Here are the two ornaments I made this past year.  This one has a sage green background, almost a light aqua with equestrian tidbits. 

This one is of Reynolda House, a large estate near where I grew up.  

Can you see the resemblance?  Maybe?

There are ladies out there who only stitch Christmas items.  As long as it can take to stitch something you may want to start in January for next year's holiday!  Here are some samples of what you can do.  Maybe it will motivate you to stitch or even just try it out!

This is from Po's Point Needlepoint:

This sampling of foxes from has some cute Christmas items in it.  Note the fox head from our giveaway a few month's ago! Love the Noel sign and the nutcracker ornament.  The little red coat on the left is from Studio Midwest.  They also have a darker coat version (from fox hunting) and is so cute stitched.

The next few items are also from

I have this pillow in my den right now!  

I love this Lilly ornament:

This is from Adornment Needlpoint:

This is also from Po's Point:

One day I will tackle this and make it into a pillow:

Hope you have a wonderful Monday.  Happy stitching!


  1. 4, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    Love the Huntsman's coat--I just ordered one for those long January nights (hopefuly in the snow!)
    Great post!

  2. These are so pretty! Do you know the designers of the first ornament and the nativity at the end?

  3. The last one is by Birds of a Feather. The first one is either by Patty Paints or the Painted pony (it is something like that). Any needlepoint shop should be able to order these for you.


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