Sunday, December 16, 2012

What to Wear for Christmas Cocktails, Part Two

Now that we are really getting close to the big day I thought I would create a dressier holiday outfit for a more formal cocktail party.  I would love to host a really chic cocktail party over the holidays one year (maybe in 2013), but that takes a lot of work.  But here are a few additional holiday dressing ideas just in case you have one more party and nothing to wear.

Saw this adorable dress in a catalog at my mother's house and thought that if I had a party to go to.......
It's from Coldwater Creek and it's on sale here.

It needs the right shoes and bag. I love this one from J McLaughlin. 

There are two shoes that would look good with this dress.  I think I like the open ones better.  Both are from Kate Spade.

I would go vintage for jewelry. This is fantasy?  Right?  Old is my favorite. They don't make this stuff like they used to.  Either of these would work.  I would not do earrings with this dress. Enough going on already!

You need a coat, it's cold outside.  This one from Milly is fab:

I love to dress up and maybe next year I'll host a formal cocktail party and require that everyone dress, like they used to! 

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