Thursday, December 6, 2012


Horse Country Chic would like to welcome our newest advertiser, So-Southern.  Patricia Nulis is the brilliant creator behind this unique company which was started in January 2012.  The provenance of the name goes something like this (and I love it, being a born and bred "southerner" myself):

Patricia and her husband moved from Toronto to Tennessee in 1996 and was amazed by the southern way of life.  One of the things she had never seen before were personalized calling cards. When she called her "Yankee" friends up north she would tell them about the calling cards; they had never heard of them and would make comments like "that's so southern."  Monograms became the next topic of conversation; she found that people monogrammed everything in the south from bloomers to luggage and again the northern girlfriends would say "that's so southern" so that's how the company became to be named "So Southern."  According to this transplanted Yankee, "Southerners have the flair of taking the ordinary and kicking it up a few notches!"

Horse Bonnet

Patricia started sewing about a year ago with when her daughter became interested in sewing.  But she quickly realized that she didn't like sewing clothes but loved making things that she could use everyday. 

 Saddle Cover

So how did Patricia and So-Southern get from sewing with the daughter to a business making saddle covers?  

Patricia started riding again (after a 35-year hiatus) and needed a new saddle cover.  She couldn't find one she liked so she made one.  She then made one for her daughter (who also rides) and then you know what happened next.  Before too long she was in business.  

Her covers (like all of her products) are not mass produced.  No more than 8 are made out of any one fabric (almost like getting a one of a kind and some are one of a kind!) And everything is made in America.

Hat Cover

Business is also good!  She started with one sewing machine and now is working off two plus now offers monogramming.  Her northern friends now understand!  She offers "one-stop-shopping" so that you can order your products, have them personalized and shipped from the same source.  

Her products include adorable laundry bags, helmet bags, pony and horse bonnets, t-shirts and headbands.   You can find her site here and she also has a Facebook page.  

 Laundry Bag
 Hat Cover

 Hat Cover


These products make perfect gifts for trainers, riders, friends, barn managers, grooms and just anyone else that wants a stylish, one-of-a-kind product.  The laundry bags will make great high school graduation gifts.  

So-Southern is also a great example of how the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well in our great country.  You go girl!  

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  1. Anything THIS Southern definitely catches my eye! She should me my sweet sister who started and owns Hannah Kate! They would make a great design pair….trust me!


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