Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have a Tartan Holiday!

I don't think I will ever tire of plaid at Christmas. It's allure is timeless and treasured and you can wear it so many ways.............

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  1. I don't think I will ever get tired of plaid period! I truly love it! I"ve had the same plaid Ralph Lauren fabric on my windows in our den for over 12 years…they have yet to go out of style!

  2. Tartan has been in style for nearly 200 years and probably won't go away anytime soon. This post shows a number of ideas I have incorporated into my decor this Christmas, including candle-lanterns tied up with tartan bows, and tartan ribbons and pillows. The trouble is that much of my house is decorated in golden yellow, apricot, peach, light blue, and (mostly) lots of light greens, so sharp red-and-green plaids are jarring. The solution: offers a searchable database of all registered tartans, and you can find those that compliment your decorating. Or you can design your own with their online tools, and they will weave it for you. Our family tartan, luckily, has a softer ancient form that fits in very well with pastels.

  3. I love plaid, and being raised in preppy New Jersey has a lot to do with that! When I moved to the Midwest over 25 years ago, people would see photos of the men in my family wearing plaid pants at the holidays and want to know why golf attire was appropriate under the Christmas tree. I delighted in my genuine kilts from Scotland (none of which fit anymore, alas). There is one particular family Christmas photo that people comment on, where every one of us is wearing plaid, my brothers in the matching vests and pants that my mom sewed for them. Lots of head-scratching over that one in OH or MO. :-)

    I have to admit I haven't incorporated much plaid in my home decor or Christmas decorations - I need to remedy that!


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