Friday, December 21, 2012

More Library Love

Several of you asked me about including photos of my own "library" so here it goes.  Let me start by adding that this room was once the dining room in the house.  It is a pass through room, lodged between what is now the dining room (a much larger and more formal room with a window) and the kitchen.  My den was added on and also is connected.

The room is very dark.  The cabinets are painted a deep glossy brown.  Hardwood floors and the rug is a shag rug that I had made to use in a room in my old house.  Going to use it until it wears out since it fits and it does lighten up the room.

The shelves house our extensive glass collection, mostly glass from the 20's, 30's and 40's from old glass makers from WV, PA and Ohio.  Some Staffordshire and Herend thrown in.  The room to the right is the back hall. That is an updated addition to the house.  

This is one corner of the room, our grandfather clock, from the late 1700's, made in Philadelphia.  Those are the pictures my neighbor did of the horses earlier this year.

This photo includes the old chandelier that we bought this year and had installed. It came out of an old house in Roanoke, Va.  We also have lights installed above the bookcases but they don't give off much light.

The window was an original window and it was left like that when the addition was added.  We took off the old addition and redid it (the old one closely resembled a mobile home).

This is the corner between the dining room and the hall. There is a small antique desk there above which sits my new oil painting. I need to raise it up (walls are plaster so it's not easy to do).  That's my large needlepoint bag (with all my unfinished projects) sitting on the chair.

We don't really use this room much, it is more of a pass-through room, but it is cozy. Needs a fireplace and it would be perfect!


  1. Oh, I think it's a gorgeous room and I'm extremely jealous!! I can only dream of having a dedicated library. I own hundreds, if not a thousand books, and many collectibles and despite nice built-ins on either side of the fireplace and shelves on the entertainment center, I just haven't the space for everything. The only problem with having a cozy library would be I'd never want to leave it... :-)

    If you have published other photos of your lovely home I hope I can find them - you've got a wonderful aesthetic, and the horsey accents are icing on the cake!

  2. Very pretty, so cozy. LOVE glossy dark brown. Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!

  3. LOVE the library steps and the clock!!

  4. Lovely room! I have a needlepoint projects bag waiting for me too!
    I love your blogs, especially the horses and their pictures. Merry Christmas and a very a Happy New Year to you and yours.


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