Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vintage Cocktail Linens

I love old linens, especially ones that are made so well that you could not possibly afford to replicate or buy it today.  And with Ebay and Esty, finding these treasures is a lot easier than going through antique stores.   Just to prove my point, I pulled just a few samples from the 100's that are out there right now. See what I found!

These linen cocktail napkins are probably from the 40's or 50's. Love the border in light blue.  These are from Ebay.

Look at the detailing in this one!

These are fun for the holidays!

Roosters were really big at some point and there are tons of these out there.

Again, great detail!

If you want something new, with an equestrian flair, then you can buy there here.
Here are some additional new ones. Love the deer.  You can buy these here.

Some additional photos from Pininterest:

I love the idea of sipping cocktails in a warm paneled room out of an art deco glass with fine old linens.  Just timeless! 

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