Sunday, January 27, 2013

Linus the Loaner

A very sweet rider who is a legend in her own right (let's just say I am glad I'm too old to ride against her), lent me her lovely retired show pony, Linus, to babysit Baby April during her stall rest and confinement which started in early December.  I must say that I am in love with this adorable pony.  He is 19 or 20 now, but his horse show manners are fully in tact and he is just the sweetest little guy ever.  Nothing phases him. 

Here is a photo of Linus during his show years:

He has this adorable trot and he is an eater (so he fits in well with my crew).  He stays inside much of the day with April but gets to go out in the morning and later in the afternoon when I ride. In about two weeks he'll be able to spend his days outside again when April goes on outside "stall rest."

Here is his owner, during her pony days, where she won everything; she is still winning by the way, taking all of the Adult Amateur honors in Virginia this year (and beyond):

Here is Linus today, with his long fur and his little tiny Rambo (at least compared to April's).  He is such a joy, I am lucky to have "Linus the Loaner" at least for a few months.  We will really miss him when he has to go back to his real home.  He has on two layers right now, even though he is a furry guy.  We may hit 30 today.  Feels like a heatwave!


  1. That's a nice pony!!!
    Your turnout is lovely--so much space for the horses!

    1. Yes, my horses have lots of room and lots of grass in spring. We do love the little guy!

  2. You write about Linus as if he's old. Sssssh! Don't tell him that. At 19, he might be just halfway through his lifespan. So many ponies are reaching their late thirties nowadays, and we're seeing a few horses doing it now, too. With improvements in veterinary care and nutrition, forty is an attainable age for a pony now. How kind your young friend was to place him with you. May Miss April enjoy her new friend and have a peaceful recovery.

  3. Oh he's adorable! That's nice to have a stall rest buddy for April. We're going through that with my horse right now and he hates to be left alone with the others are turned out.


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