Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vintage Can Be Best

As we start a new year, some say out with old, in with the new, but I say, not so fast.  The old adage, they don't make things like they used to, well, there is certainly some truth to that.  In the equestrian world, I think that is true in many ways. 

 Let's start with something really trivial.  Look at this beautiful old ribbons.  They are elegant.  You don't see ribbons like these anymore, even from the most prestiguous shows.

And think about some of the great horses.  Gem Twist for one.  He is one of the finest horses this country ever produced.    Even today we still talk about him.

And remember movie stars that really could ride horses?   Elizabeth Taylor once said that some of her best leading men were horses and dogs. I can relate to that!

And the now world famous Seabiscuit. This is a photo of him with Red Pollard. 

Could you even begin to imagine Southern Living putting a horse on its cover today?  Not gonna happen!

And the old ads!  Timeless!

And horse show posters; almost nonexistent today except for Washington, Hampton Classic.

The old books we all read as a child, the Billy and Blaze series, the Black Stallion and of course Misty.  This is author Marguerite Henry with the famous Misty of Chincoteague

And think about what fox hunting used to be compared to today.  There is no more land, no territory, no open space in so many places. This photo, believe it or not, was taken crossing White's Ferry near Leesburg, VA.  

This photo is Winston Churchill with a horse.  

And of course, the famous Native Dancer, whose lineage today still produces some of the best.

The past is prologue.  I think so.  As we move into a new year, I am going to savour the best of the past and use it to launch the future. 

(all photos from Pinterest)


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