Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top Ten Goals for the New Year..............

Setting new goals is important and what better time than the start of a new year. What are your goals for the year? 

1. Better Fitness
I am adding swimming to my fitness regime.  Monday was my first swim and it felt great.  So with farm work, riding, a little running and a little swimming, I hope to be fitter than ever in 2013.

2. Saving Money
I am making an extremely conscious effort to save money everywhere I can; cutting out a lot of things this year that I can just do without.  Every time I think I need to buy something, I am asking myself, "do I need this?"  I am surprising myself at all the things I really don't need. 

3. Trying to Enjoy the Little Things in Life
As a perfectionist and the classic Type A personality, I think life should be perfect. It's not and I am working on just accepting many imperfect things and trying to enjoy the little things in life, every day, a bit more.

4. Spending Time with Special Friends
Most of my really good friends don't live near me so it takes a lot of effort to see them.  I am going to try even harder to make a few out of town trips to see my close friends this year.

5.  Keep My House Cleaner

6.  Buy New Make-Up
NARS is my favorite.

7. Plan More Special Dinners, Outside in Summer, By the Fire in Winter.

8. Plant a Garden

9. Read More Books

10. Live By These Words....


  1. Very admirable (and not impossible) list!

  2. my first visit....
    your message in this post is excellent.
    your blog name drew me over and in!

    happy new year

  3. I want to give you a long overdue comment --- I love your blog! I read about a dozen blogs faithfully, and have just started my own (one of my new year goals), but yours is the first I always click on when I'm checking my morning emails! It reminds me of when I lived in Middleburg and everything was horses! So please know how much your blog is appreciated and loved!! All the best wishes in achieving all of your new year's goals!!


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