Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Equestrian Decor - Bit by Bit

Winter is a great time to seek and find those little tidbits that make your house into a "home" but also gets you those little elements of style that make the difference. I love finding those little "somethings" that don't have to cost much that bring more style into the home, the "equestrian" style just comes over time.

 Most of the elements in this photo below (from Pinterest) can be found at an antique mall, for not a lot of money:  old books, vintage trophy, fox hunting prints, and an old clock. 

Adding some pillows is an easy trick. As you know, I love needlepoint but here is one that speaks a bit Hermes, a bit newer style, love the orange, goes with everything.

Santa brought me this compote which is now in my kitchen filled with ivy and moss. It looks old to me. The colors are broad, goes with everything!

This is a great idea.  Little touches like these go a long way.  Took an old piece of jewelry, added a piece of cording that you can buy at Calico Corners and voila, a plan old drapery looks quite elegant.

An old trunk makes a great coffee table or end table.  Love the surcingles.  Makes it very "equestrian."

Another easy touch.

You can use an old doorknocker in many places, not just a door!

Add a few vintage trophies from the antique mall to your bookshelf, to your bar, on a table. Fill them with flowers in the spring.  

I love this!  A nice subtle touch!

(photos from Pinterest)

These little touches can add up to a lot of impact and you don't have to spend a lot of money.  Keep your eye on the lookout. It's out there!  Happy Sunday!


  1. Everything is beautiful..especially love the umbrella stand and always have a weakness for silver!

  2. I really like the umbrella stand with horses on it. Any idea where to buy that? My dog destroyed mine. The curtain tieback accented with a bit of jewelry is charming. Whoever gave you that enchanting compote bowl deserves a big kiss--it's beautiful. But I'm not comfortable with the idea of buying and displaying someone else's trophies. It gives a false impression.


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