Thursday, January 17, 2013

Po's Point Needlepoint - Special Deal and Giveaway

Welcome Po's Point Needlepoint to Horse Country Chic.  Po's Point is based in Charlotte, N.C  Susan, the store's owner, has selected great stuff including a lot of equestrian-related canvases.  

Po's Point is offering 15% off to all HCC readers through the end of February.  When you purchase an item, just use the code horsecou (all lowercase) at checkout.  This is a great deal and the timing could not be better; what better way to spend a snowy evening at home than stitching by the fire or while watching the playoffs or a great old movie.

But better yet, Po's Point is also offering a FREE giveaway. If you love the fox canvas above, it could be yours!  To enter the contest, please comment on the comment section attached to this post. Go to Po's Internet site here and tell us what your favorite canvas is.  The winner will be drawn at random on Friday, January 25th, so you have plenty of time.

Thought I would also encourage those of you out there who aren't stitching to do so!  Here is a photo of the lovely horse handbag that I posted a few months ago. This is my own bag, and I have almost completed the "ends" of the bag. As you'll see I have changed the colors quite a bit. The background is a khaki color and the stripe is in a french blue color.

Here is what the bag looks like finished.  I plan to use brown leather for the handles.  Love this bag!

I have also included some great stuff from Po's Point's web site. 

If you want a real ambitious project, you might tackle this fox rug that I stitched for my guest bathroom.  
Worth the effort!

Enjoy these cold winter months and learn to stitch or just get out there and stitch some more!


  1. The fox needlepoint is so cute - it definitely makes me want to learn how to needlepoint and it looks like the perfect starter project!

  2. Love the fox needlepoint! I don't stitch, but I definitely want to learn now!

  3. I'm new to needlepoint, a baby beginner. But I'm ambitious. I adore the scarf print and would love to try that. The foxes are adorable too!

  4. Their kits are beyond adorable. How great would their fox and hound mini-stockings be on stalls at Christmas?!?

  5. How can one choose? I love the fox, of course, but that stable sheet bag! SWOON!
    Now what I need to do is get that eye appointment, and get those reading glasses so I can get back to stitching!
    Aging, it sure isn't always pretty!

  6. Love the fox - and the Hunt Scene Pillow!

  7. I love the fox! I would love to be able to do a purse too but it might be way beyond me.


  8. I think the bits and corgies belt on Po's Point is just beautiful! Rose,

  9. Ooh, love this belt!
    Thanks for the promo and giveaway. :-)

  10. I love the fox! I'm so impressed that you stitch so fast. I would love do do something like your fox rug (that was the post that brought me to your blog!) or the handbag. I'm working on a large needlepoint foxhunting scene and a hooked small fox head right now. I like Po's equestrian section, especially the Gucci Stripes with Bits belt, the Show Hunter's Plaid belt and the Horse Head and shaded belt. Oops, were we supposed to pick just one? I wish they had a fox or horse brick cover.

  11. These are just beautiful. I am so happy I have signed up for your blog! I have not been familiar with these types of projects and I think you have me "hooked" :)


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I love the rug. Animal skins and flowers rug. I love the whole site actually. Love the blog.

  13. I love the fox! Its so beautiful!

  14. I love the purse! Where did you get the canvases for that? I would love to buy one and have been having a really hard time finding equestrian purse canvases.

  15. So many great choices, it's difficult to choose just one favorite.... But, I especially love the Horse Blanket Pillow!

  16. I have fond memories of cross stitching, as a teen, with my mother. Mr. Fox looks like a great memory maker for my teen daughter and me.
    It is way too difficult to pick a favorite. The Horse Blanket is certainly a "show stopper"!!

  17. Love the Peacock Glass Case and the Equestrian big bag. Beautiful


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