Monday, March 17, 2014

The Legendary Phyllis Jones

I had the pleasure of interviewing the legendary Phyllis Jones a few months ago (as part of a history project for the Virginia Horse Show Association).  She's a legend around here and I am glad to see her longevity and success being recognized by others outside Virginia.  See the article here.

Phyllis is a real horsewoman and she knows horses just about as well as anyone.

She also has a new stallion, Friend or Foe, who is lovely.  Check him out.  It's difficult to find stallions (TB ones) that you can breed to the warmblood mares.

We're digging out here in the East, again. Where is spring?


  1. Oh, wow, I LOVE THAT HORSE! He is just stunning. No kidding you can breed him to a WB mare... breed him to anything, please, because he's one heck of a classy guy. I will remember his name for the next time someone is complaining on COTH about there being no good TB sires anymore!


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