Friday, March 21, 2014

Put Some Spring in Your Step

Now that spring has officially arrived, it's time for "spring fever" and after the winter we've had on the East Coast, we all deserve a little spring.  So what puts a little spring in your step?  For me it's things like.....

A new pair of paddock boots like these from Tucci.  Almost too pretty to ride in (they'll be fashionable for non-riders too).  Love, love, love these.

A good cause to support, like New Vocations, one of my favorite horse-related charities.  They retrain horses off the track and find them forever homes.  Their horse show in the summer is one of their big fundraisers.

New perfume or lipstick.  A simple way to breathe new like into anyone's routine.  Love the new line from Tory Burch. She has such style.

A new dress. This is new for me anyway, from Lilly. Can't wait to wear it.

New needlepoint. This is from Po's Point:

And a new cookbook or at least some new recipes from the Internet:

What do you do to celebrate spring?

1 comment:

  1. Planning what plants to plant and where... and I have a seriously black thumb!
    Plotting projects around the house to put on the list [that will most likely get ignored].
    But mostly planning what furniture pieces to work on and hoping that this year is THE year I get it all sold so I can put my car in the garage next winter!


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