Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paddock Boots - You've Come a Long Way Baby

Just like the techno-revolution hitting riding coats, riding boots are not what they used to be.  Once upon a time you rode in Ariats or if you splurged you bought custom Vogel or Dehner's.  But not any more.  There's a new revolution in the boot world.  Do you speak Italian?

These boots are almost too beautiful to ride in.  But form and function do meet on occasion, according to Sergio Grasso.

I've not seen the Animo boots yet but if they look anything like this picture, well, we'll be seeing these at least in Wellington.

These La Mundial customs are over the top and who would have thought of this combination.  I love it.  Just give me four or five pairs please - green blue, red, purple and black!

These Tucci boots will soon find a home in my closet. They fit like a glove and will look as good in the Hamptons or in Middleburg as they will on my farm.

Another model from Sergio Grasso.

La Mundial again.

These are Parlanti. The square toe is so Italian.  Gorgeous!

And you still can't go wrong with Ariat.  They are more function than form but they still work quite well and fit the pocketbook.

 Another old stand-by, Dehner's.  These are very utilitarian but also very well made.

Below, another gorgeous Tucci boot:

Which ones do you like?  Are there other vendors out there I missed?  Damn those Italians!


  1. Dehners are still my favorite paddock boots. I have three pairs. Some that are so old but I can't seem to give them up, just get them resoled time after time. Shame they seem hard to find these days.

    1. I have a pair of Dehner's - they are good boots. But they are so hit and miss on their sizing. I have narrow feet and the Dehner's I have tried on lately have been wide. The ones I have are very narrow. Someone told me they train their boot makers by having them make the paddock boots. I don't know if this is true or not. But they do hold up well and they replace zippers for less than $20! Gotta love that!

  2. True!! One of the most wanted shoes of women is Tory Burch boots. I agree with you that these long boots are in fashion and I regularly use these boots for college wear.


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