Monday, March 24, 2014

The Epicurean Equestrian

Maybe it's an oxymoron, but I am an equestrian and I also love to cook. Perhaps that road warrior life that competitive equestrians regularly endure makes it sound far fetched, but for some of us, cooking and riding, well, it's part of our routine.

And behold, there are a few cookbooks out there that cater to the epicurean equestrian. This cookbook can be found on Amazon and it's not expensive in the least.  Some good reviews out there as well....

If you like "southern" then try these two books with a Kentucky Derby theme.  Both are available through Amazon:

I have not seen this one in the flesh but I'd love to try it out.  This one is available through an upscale retailer in Lexington, KY.  You can buy it here.

Here is a newer edition of the cookbook above, available through the gift shop at Keeneland, also in Lexington, KY. 

And the Junior League cookbooks are the best. This one is also available through the Keeneland Gift Shop.

Are there others out there that I should add to my list?

Have a great Monday!

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