Monday, March 10, 2014

Ocala or Bust

I've been offline for a few days as I escaped to the sunny shores of Florida.  Well, maybe the weather wasn't great the entire time but what fun it was to return to my old stomping ground, Ocala, or "horse nirvana, south.  It's not the "over-the-top" atmosphere of Wellington, but I'll take it.

My good friend Coco showed in the jumpers and ended up 1st, 2nd and 7th in the classic.  She's a very good rider and her horse is just incredible.  He's a former event horse.   Both are class acts.  Coco and I rode together in Maryland and have stayed in touch over the years with our "baby woes" - not the real ones, but our foals.

Here's Coco with another old friend, Angie, who owns Tri-Color Stables in Ocala.  Another class act for sure.  This was Saturday when the weather was very Ocala-like.  

Another photo of Coco and the incredible gray machine.

More to come!  Stay tuned...............

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