Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Techno Shirts for Trotting in Style

The new techno shirts are now all the rage, borrowed from the golfers no less, but now the riders are in on it too.  And the reality is these shirts look great for casual wear and are great for casual walkers or anyone else who wants protection from UV rays while being outside.  This one is from EIS (Equi in Style) and comes in many colors.  The green is my favorite.  The shirts provide UV protection and have mesh under the arms for cooling.

EIS Elements Ladies Performance Stand Up Collar Cool Shirt

  • The most advanced performance wear available
  • The proprietary fabric offers you the highest level of skin protection
  • EIS shirts are made in the USA from the most advanced fabric technology on the market today
  • Offers superior sun protection with the equivalent of SPF 50

    A cooling factor that is embedded in the fabric reduces body temperature by 5 degrees will provide maximum comfort in humid, hot weather. Movement generates air flow creating a cooling effect.

    Microscopic nano particle attached to fabric fibers make these performance features long lasting. Not a fabric finish.

    Easy Care:
    Normal wash, quick drying, and no shrinkage

  • This one is from Kerrit's and is more stylish than technical.

    Bette & Courts makes another one very similar to EIS.  It also comes in a ton of colors.

    Ariat is also in on the act:

    More from Kerrits:

     Tailored Sportsman also makes one:

    Here's another one from Ariat.  I love the pink!

    Kastel Denmark also makes one:

    I love the new equestrian fashions and the technology that has been in running wear forever.  No excuses not to ride AND look good!

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