Wednesday, December 10, 2014

L.L. Bean Runs Out of Boots

It's a bad problem to have.  The demand for the iconic L.L. Bean duck boot is out of control. And no one knows why.

According to media reports, the retailer is sold out of women's size 8 snow boots and most other sizes for both men and women aren't available to ship out until February. 100,000 people are already on the wait list for boots, and L.L.Bean's website says that they are in "extremely limited supply."  The Maine-based company has hired more workers and doled out $1 million on a new molding machine to make the rubber soles. Maybe it's due to a preppy resurgence?  Did Kate and Wills buy a pair? 

If you are expected Santa to bring you boots, better find an alternative.


  1. I still cannot believe that this boot shortage is happening! It is so funny. I'm glad I have my low-cut bean boots, but I had wanted to order a taller pair this year. Oh well...

  2. Several years ago I ordered a pair of LLBean boots in December and didn't get them until February. My first thought was the 'kate effect' too. Hope this finds you feeling better everyday.


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